About us

Do you know someone struggling with any of these situations?

• Transferred to another city or state
• Overwhelmed with selling a house
• A death in the family
• Going through a divorce
• Moving to assisted living or nursing home
• Behind with repairs and yard work
• Can’t pay the real estate taxes
• Utilities being shut off
• Mortgage is behind
• A hoarder relative
• Started a rehab but wants out
• A neighbor saw an abandoned house

We are a Christian company in Medina County that hires veterans and Christian subcontractors. We buy homes at a discount from homeowners who want to avoid the stress, hassle, uncertainty, and fees of selling through a realtor.

When we buy your home:

• We pay all cash and all standard closing costs

• There are no real estate fees or commissions coming out of your pocket

• You sell your house “as is,” which means you don’t need to repair it, 

  remove, or clean anything

• We can close in as little as 10 days or on your schedule if you need 

  more time

Call us for more information or a no-obligation appointment. 

Our conversations are confidential, and there is no obligation.


Sage Property Solutions

[email protected] • cell: (330) 667-0074

303 N. Court St., PO Box 34, Medina, Ohio, 44258